Infrastructure That’s Sure To The Core

Strong values are firmly embedded in our foundation.

Founder of the ENM conglomerate, construction visionary Eli Greenberg began his construction odyssey with the creation of ENM Renovations. Eli’s natural affinity for construction lead him to his first renovation project while still in his teens. Today, Eli draws upon his own construction talent, along with a hand-picked team of industry experts, to consistently surpass clients’ expectations. ENM Renovations has become renowned for smartly-planned, magnificently renovated spaces. This company joins the other companies founded by Eli Greenberg, including OneBuild development, Winstone Investments and Winstone Consulting

Our Lead, Your Gain

When you work with OneBuild, you’re in strong hands. We take the lead on the entire project so you know you’re not missing any important steps. Our vast knowledge includes necessities like construction permits and approvals, municipality communication, utility company coordination, and zoning considerations.

You don’t need to struggle to understand the unspoken rules of development; we take responsibility and advocate for you to prevent heartache and wasted resources. We identify, strategize, accommodate, improvise, and address all stumbling blocks so you can concentrate on the broader goals.

Experience development with a

Team of professionals

who anticipate issues and address them proactively

Well-crafted process

with thorough understanding of your specific project

Smoothly oiled operation

that’s been tested, analyzed, and optimized

We bring value to the construction process by solving any existing or potential construction problems.
We specialize in exceptional infrastructure. Our professional standards of comprehensive organization are unique in this space.
We build lasting relationships with our clients and guide them through the development and construction process with their best interest in mind.